HTML Tutorial (Hyper Text Mark Up Language) Part-1

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, which is the most widely used language on Web to develop web pages. It was created by Berners-Lee in late 1991 but “HTML 2.0” was the first standard HTML specification which was published in 1995. It provides a way of displaying web pages with text and images or multimedia content. It is not a programming language, but a markup language. The markup tags tell the web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome,.how to display the page.

 There have been many versions Of HTML

Version Year
HTML 1991
HTML 2.0 1995
HTML 3.2 1997
HTML 4.01 1999
XHTML 2000
HTML5 2014

Basic Hypertext markup Language  Document

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Introduction Of HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up Language) Part-1</title>
Welcome to My Blog

Basically Six things you have to keep in mind

1- <!DOCTYPE> represents the document type

2- You have to Download Notepad++ – Download

3-  it includes basically four tags (<Html>, <Head>, <Title> & <Body>) For Example:- In Human Body upper portion is head & then other portion is our rest of body. so  under head tag there is another tag name title is written (under title tag we have to write title For Example- The title Of this blog is Introduction To Html.&  the title is always shown in top of the browser window)

Above Figure Indicate Title 

4- Tags are always written in “angle brackets” < > & elements are written with a start tag <>, with an end tag </>.

5-Body tag contains the entire content of a webpage for example:-text, images, tables, lists etc

6-To save the html Document click File > Save or press CTRL+S.then you have to write file name (always use extension File name.html to save file)


7- To run the file Make sure that there is a browser (chrome, Mozilla firefox…installed on your computer. ).Find the save file and click on the right side of your mouse then select open with or In notepad++ after saving the file click on run ( you can also say Finally open it using a web browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, or Firefox etc.)

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